In the highlands of Jalisco, in the year 1922, Cazadores was born. To this day, it’s crafted as a slow, steady, arrival at perfection; it is tequila sans machination or automation.

We created a brand that takes place in a mystical Mexican world where male archetypes seek indelible meaning. We created a tagline and hashtag: soy el cazador, or I am the hunter—and exemplified the hunt in social media that emboldens people to find what enhances life. Unafraid. Deliberate. It’s hunting for new experiences, sensations and memories.

Accordingly, across social media we disseminated thought-provoking statements and told compelling stories, all beautifully typeset upon striking, high-art original photography.

I love working with OppermanWeiss because they understand that commercial work can—and should—be as considered and exquisite as fine art photography. The assignment for Tequila Cazadores perfectly fit my aesthetic and interests. We spent two weeks in the middle of agave fields, in the highlands of Jalisco, shooting photographic narratives that communicated Mexican magical realism and distinctive allure.
- George Holz Photographer